Yeah I did…..

11 Jul

So here it is, my first blog entry.

Wow, what an inspirational opening.  But regardless, thats exactly what it is.  A friend of mine told me to simply get online and start writing about myself.  Now, the shamelessly vain, self-involved part of me (which you will come to know in time) was v impressed with this advice as she had been drinking copious amounts of cheap champagne at the time.  But after the hangover and the piecing together of the weekend’s conversation on Monday morning, the regular me opened her laptop to begin, and…nothing.  Why?  Because writing about yourself is bloody hard!  How on earth Jordan managed to write herself four (yes, FOUR) autobiographies is more than beyond me.  I guess showing your bits and planning the world’s most hideous wedding to Peter Andre make for unending reading.  (Note to self: must buy Jordan’s autobiography.)

Obvi, I believe my own opinions and thoughts are incredibly important.  In my mind, I am quite hilarious and entertaining.  So, the logical and sane thing to do would be to publish these said thoughts and opinions on the internet for the world to see and judge.  Yep, good decision.

So welcome.  I hope to make you laugh a bit or a lot.  Preferably a lot.  And if not, make you feel better about your clearly superior joke-telling skills at least. I also hope you can take some amusement from my life; like today, when I was grocery shopping but ended up getting a five-minute lecture from a random elderly gentlemen about the health benefits of yoghurt brands available at suburban Coles.  There were about six other women in the aisle (who were most likely wearing bras and make up, unlike yours truly.) But he picked me to share his unending wisdom of acidophilus with. Evidently, Dairy Farmers make a good quality, well-priced natural yoghurt that comes in a container that can be washed and used by the little kids as a drinking cup.

For realsies.  

Luckily he walked away before I brought out my knowledge of mega bitchadophilus.

Anyway, please come back and keep reading.

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