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The Bachelor Season 2 Recap: Night of the Living (Dead) Bitches

11 Sep

Are you afraid of the dark?

Our favorite bachelorettes are not. Evidently, they’re more concerned about Jess/Elsa getting her overly large teeth into Blake Vader, but that’s another story. Priorities, people.

I’d just like to point out that I spent this evening’s episode at a ‘Bachelor’ themed birthday party. There were actual roses and everything. (Happy birthday, Mel you (non-crazy) bitch!)

To take it back to the start, it appears the producers have permanently dropped the traditional opening sequence of Blake in water/pondering things/taking his shirt off. Has this got anything to do with the photos circulating the internets of said Bachelor in his tightie whities at a Hen’s party? Surely not!


blake stripper



The ladies were gathered casually in the Rec Room at school camp and they were in bloody high spirits.

“Omigod we’re into single digits!”

“Omigod there’s like NO ONE left!”

“Omigod our polygamous relationship with a gay guy is getting SAH serious! Squeeeee!”

Osher was still getting his hair set and blow waved, so he was unable to join the ladies for the first date card. Shaking in anticipation, Louise expertly points out that a second date is very much needed when you want to marry someone.

Unfortunately, we’re gonna be off to a slow start because Lisa gets the date and we all know she is ridiculously normal. She seems happy about it, but not as happy as Jess/Elsa who CANNOT EVEN EVERYTHING IS SO EXCITING PUPPIES AND RAINBOWS AND FAIRY FLOSS!

Guys, I missed the montage of Lisa getting dressed and gushing about Richard Mercer. The TV LOST SIGNAL!!! For like, a whole minute. Gawd it was stressful; but we recovered and managed to pick things back up at a racetrack.

Yep, to rub maple syrup into the wounds, Lisa is taken on an individual date to fallen comrade, Canadian Horse Whisperer’s, actual worst nightmare: the races.

But with no one there. Like no one.

Now, I haven’t been to the races for a good five or so years because well…..just no. But from what I can recall from my former years as a heavy-drinking, irresponsible uni student, the races are actually completely rubbish without thousands of slutty, stupid people getting shit-faced in their Sunday best. Fact.

Lisa seems to have fallen under Jess/Elsa’s spell of believing Blake Vader has any sort of hand in organizing the dates because she is super dooper impressed that he has set up a table right next to the racetrack. I mean, what an amazing position amongst all these people who aren’t even here.


Metal railing on a race track

What a spot.

As anticipated, it is a fairly non-eventful date, except when we catch a glimpse of Vader’s jealous face when he realizes Lisa gets the horse called Foxy and he doesn’t. They then move off to another “romantic” location with many candles and couches draped with velvet. Because candles. I seriously have no idea where they are.

Lisa has apparently won a bet from their creepy horse race and as a prize, she gets a massage. Unfortunately, it’s not a boob/vagina massage like I’d hoped. Snore.


Back at the mansion, Chantal is fulfilling her co-host duties by informing the other bitches that someone is “really sick.”


All the other bitches: “Wow, that’s full-on. I really hope she dies.”

They do their best to look concerned, but I swear to God, there is champagne being opened in the background.


90% of the bitches pop on their best khaki jackets and are taken to one of Australia’s most haunted places. I think it’s an old hospital? Osher looks really serious and explains that this place is haunted with the ghosts of Blake’s ex-boyfriends immigrants and convicts who tried to flee their countries. They’ve even brought in a psychic lady. This IS serious.

The psychic/actor/Mystic Meg lady tells them about evil energies and strange happenings around the place. Is she talking about ghosts or just another day at the Crazy Bitch mansion? Basically, their dead relatives are here and they are JUDGING THEM.

Osher looks scared. If there’s one thing he fears more than complex carbohydrates, it’s undead spirits ruining his root shakra. He leaves.

And so begins one of the most absurd dates in the history of everything.






Jess/Elsa is living up to her Stage 5 Clinger status and getting all up in Vader’s grill, much to the disgust of his other beards. To break this tension, they are promptly taken into an old hospital room and presented with Laurina’s dead body. Jokes. It’s just Laurina without her Botox bandages on. Well, they did say she was in hospital, amiright?

The bitches pretend to listen to Mystic Meg talk about dead people and stuff but are more concerned with cock-blocking Vader and Jess. It seems to work; there is no sexy forehead touching in the dark. Such a shame.

Later on, Richard Mercer manages to escape Jess/Elsa’s clutches and takes Lauren (?) for a walk. The actor/dancer newbie one? I.e. the one who works retail at Bloch and has an agent. But HOLD UP. Blake thinks Lauren might be too shy for him, after all, she’s just walked through a haunted hospital/warehouse and crapped her pants. How DARE she not laugh at all his jokes and spit glitter!

Due to Lauren’s unacceptable response to this creepy date, Vader decides to give himself a quick ego boost by taking Jess/Elsa outside for a chat. Because EVERYTHING IS AWESOME TODAY WAS SO GREAT I LOVE SEEING WHERE PEOPLE DIED LETS SEXY FOREHEAD TOUCH!

The other bitches are not. ok. with. this. Obvi Jess/Elsa is a huge bitch burger who will stop at nothing to make their boyfriend fall in love with her on a competition about making a man fall in love with them.

They go outside and do stuff. Sexy forehead touch most likely.


Lesbihonest, cocktail parties are no fun without Laurina’s eyebrows there to awkwardly stare at people and take about segregation and street pies.

However, Chantal attempts to take her place for the night, by cornering Vader and basically accusing him of loving Jess/Elsa more than everyone else because he hung out with her on a date that Chantal wasn’t even on but his five other girlfriends were and they even tried to blow out their lamps but he didn’t care and now they are mad. Are you following this? Don’t worry, it’s v v confusing. She gets upset and I’m not entirely sure why.

BUT THEN. Richard Mercer bites back. He Bites. Back.

Blake: Nah nah, she takes initiative.

Chantal: Well we don’t like it.

Blake: You do it. Lisa does it.

Chantal: But it’s hurting our feelings. You touch foreheads with her, so you must be in love with her.

Blake: My boyfriends never gave me this much effing trouble.


Chantal returns to the Red Room of Pain and looks aptly pained herself. The other bitches who aren’t Jess/Elsa are worried.


After checking to make sure the mansion has been cleansed of all evil spirits, Osher returns to inform the bitches that, between taking a girl to a creepy, empty race track and taking several girls to a creepy, haunted warehouse, Vader has managed to squeeze in a romantic trip to the hospital to gift Laurina’s eyebrows with a rose.

Is it a white rose? IS IT???!!!!!! IS THIS STILL A THING? PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!

Upon hearing that she hasn’t died, the bitches seem deflated. The rose ceremony is therefore performed quickly so that everyone can go back to their rooms and stick more pins in their Laurina dolls.

Newbie Lauren is out. I don’t have to be Mystic Meg to have seen that one coming.

But what I WOULD really like Mystic Meg to tell me is the actual reason why Laurina is in hospital. Because no one says anything. THERE IS A BIG, PINK F&*#$ING ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, PEOPLE, AND I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE SHIT IS HAPPENING!

So here are my assumptions as to what has ailed her:

  • Her forehead skin is stretched so tight her skull has burst through
  • The trauma of the Dirty Street Pie incident has caused her to lose her mind and she has been sent to a psych ward
  • As mentioned earlier, her eyebrows took on a life of their own, jumped off her face and stabbed her
  • Anita snuck back into the mansion and stole Laurina’s dog, Bambi, away. Laurina chased after her in her Jimmy Choos but stumbled down the stairs, breaking her ankle. No word yet on the whereabouts of Bambi.
  • Her lips fell off.


Tune in tonight to find out if any of the above are even remotely true and see all the crazy bitches wear masks so Laurina doesn’t feel so bad about the swelling.


stick person

I won’t give up on you, White Rose