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The Bachelor Season 2 Recap: The One With All the Losers

25 Sep

The losers bitches are back, peeps!

So, because The Bachelor is all about female empowerment and reminding us women just how bloody awesome we are, tonight’s episode centres around the following premise: Hey, all you ladies threw yourselves at this guy and he rejected your asses, so we thought we’d put you all together in a room so you could watch him pash on with other bitches and then talk about how much he loves other said bitches!

Weeeeee! Applause to you, Channel 10.

And applause to you, Osher. I think we can safely say that, tonight, Osh was workin hard for the monaay. This is why he has been so AWOL of late; he’s been building his strength at his local barre class in anticipation for this epic episode.

Putting to good use his unquestionable interview/host skills, most recently seen in Australian Idol, Osh is doin what he does best by recapping the der-rama of the past few weeks through facilitating an ex-bitches bitch forum (and doin a little bit of judging along the way.) All the bitches are here…like, all of them. They are in their best midriff ensembles and they are out for blood.

* In case you hadn’t noticed, tonight’s episode actually has nothing to do with the home visits (waah) and there is very little Blake Vader to point and laugh at; Channel 10 are trying to milk this baby for all it’s worth and so tonight is ALL about a trip down memory lane. (Also, they’ve exhausted their budget and Velocity Points by flying all remaining cast members to their respective homes around eastern Australia, so we hadda buy some time.)

So first of all: who ARE all these bitches? Yes, I’d had a few champs the night of the premiere, but I swear to Oprah that I do not recall half of the faces in the back row. Not that that matters, because none of them say anything of note…actually, they aren’t even looked at by Osher’s hair because they are big losers who didn’t make it through the first two episodes and no one likes them and they just sit there yawning and wondering when they’re going to be getting their one year membership to Fitness First and a guest spot on The Living Room. 

Guys, guys! The effing great news is Anita is back. And thank you, God, we get to see her sing her stalky song to Vader again. In case you were wondering, it’s just as good the second time around. Admittedly, Anita does tell us that she is, “…not a singer,” but continues to demonstrate that she is adorably crazy and is probably planning to single-white-female one of the remaining girls to get back on the show. Gawd I miss her.

Canadian Horse Whisperer and Laurina/Bane have a make up session.

Laurina: I’m sorry you’re allergic to horses.

CHW: I’m sorry I called you fake, but you are kind of fake.

Laurina: You have a really big “personality”.

CHW: You have really big eyebrows.  We are best friends. Maple Syrup.


Not content with Laurina getting all the attention, Osh has a sit-down with Canadian Horse Whisperer and they deconstruct all of her adult tanties and body con dresses and, wait…did Canadian Horse Whisperer and Osher just do flirting? Guys, I feel weird. Someone get me a Gaviscon.



Laurina also gets one-on-one time with Osh and, for some reason, all the best bits are shown now that weren’t shown when she was actually ON the show and now I feel duped. I mean, if I’d have known she went on that fateful bowling/Street Pie date in a satin dress without underwear maybe I wouldn’t have been so judgmental. Ladies, come on. Remember the last time you went commando on a date night? The only thing you were up for was sitting very still on a padded chair and drinking until you felt comfortable telling your date that you left your underwear at home. If someone had asked me to go bowling whilst free-balling in a satin dress, I’m preeeetty sure my response would be something like this…



The moral of the story is this: I farking miss you, Laurina. Even Osher’s badly disguised judgment at your Passions of the Christ/Sky Diving ordeal didn’t deter you; you are still my Kanye and I will wait patiently in the middle of South Yarra everyday with my Laurina flag and my #DirtyStreetPie until you decide we can be besties.

Blah blah blah the intruder bitches are interviewed etc. “It was really hard…we had good intentions…we are totally still relevant…”

I should mention that I am three drinks to the wind at this point, so I got a little bit over it. And I wanted Vader/Parental action. Honestly, the loser bitches also looked hell bored too. One of them unashamedly YAWNS AND ROLLS HER EYES AT THE CAMERA. Gosh it was good.

Who’s not a giver of f*#^s?


This guy. (At least I think it was this guy)

We finish off the ep with Osher forcing the loser bitches to hedge their bets on which remaining bitch they would want to see their ex boyfriend try and marry because that is a totally normal way to deal.


I was right. All she talks about is baking and the loser bitches all confirm that. They discuss her baking and how she is totes ‘Stepford’ and that they didn’t think she had a chance in hell, but now they are second guessing themselves because maybe Blake only likes girls with one serious hobby and bright lipstick.


Did they kiss on the first date? Did they not kiss on the first date? Does anyone still give a shit? I know I do not.  Ladies, I think the thing we SHOULD be discussing is how it takes Jess a week and a half to get out a sentence lately. “Myyyyy ……hhhhhearrrt…..it’s beeeeeating so faaaaast.”


She is normal so no one has much to say about her. Except that she’s hot. Seems legit.



Cut to a montage of Blake kissing all of the aforementioned girls and my head is in the toilet.

Join me tomorrow when, word on the street is, Richard Mercer has a full-on Bachelor breakdown and cries. Maybe he’s allergic to horses too. Or just parents. Hard to say…

The Bachelor Season 2 Recap: Gypsies, Tramps & Pies

4 Sep

I got real excited about tonight’s episode. Like really. There was gonna be street pie, and Laurina crying and hopefully many drama. But tbh, I was left a little…disappointed. Like the families of all the women on this show. There was *spoiler alert* no rose ceremony, no shirtless Vader on/in water and no group date.

I don’t wanna be the one to say it, but someone is getting lazy and I do not appreciate.

Anyhoo, the bitches are all crowded around the Mess Hall talking about who has the biggest My Little Pony collection. Not to be outdone, Osher blows in the doorway for a mere moment to drop a bomb; there will be NO group date this week – just three individual dates. That’s three WHOLE girls who get time with Richard Mercer. Before he can say too much, or anyone can ask about the white rose (I’m sorry, but WHERE is it?! WHEEERRRRRRRRRREEEEE??) Osh is off again before his organic oatmeal goes cold.

The bitches have been studying their Maths revision, and deduce that because there are THREE date cards and THREE new bitches, then those three new bitches must be getting the three dates. Obvi Canadian Horse Whisperer takes this very insensitive comment personally and cannot actually believe that her besties would say something so hurtful to her and her bacon.

Poor Amber. I mean, tonight is the night she realises she is the only original bitch who hasn’t had a date because she is great f*#^ing television and pissing her off every week is giving me things to write about.

Blah blah she doesn’t get the date because everyone hates her. Who does get the date though, is Sam, Lauren and *gasp* Laurina/Bane!

Sam takes the news like a champ and realises she better go shave her legs. She is f*#^ing growing on me. Although, lesbihonest, I am really hoping she’s being taken to a hairdresser to touch up those terrible roots, jussayin.

Lauren tells us how SUPER SPECIAL she feels being Date 2 of 3. I mean, who could blame her.

Laurina/Bane’s eyebrows practically get airborne.

Because there is no group date to eat up the budget this week, the show runners have gone all out by teaming with the theme for each date.

Date 1

Sam’s theme? Field of Dreams. They are flying over Sydney in a helicopter and she asks Vader where they’re going to land and he just has… no… bloody… idea. He attempts to improvise but the assistant director is just telling him to shut it down.

They get to a v romantic picnic in a field of horses (thank Bryan Adams Canadian Horse Whisperer isn’t here) and I don’t know if anyone noticed but THERE IS AN EFFING GLOBE SITTING THERE AS IN THE 3D ATLAS I HAD IN GRADE 5! I’m waiting for Vader to spin the thing and point to all the countries he’s stripped in, but alas, it doesn’t happen.

It’s overall pretty boring, except there is a funny moment when Sam talks about how scared she gets of putting herself out there which is why she auditioned for a reality TV show so bitches like me could mock her.



Who doesn’t love a smart globe?



Date 2

Newbie Lauren gets the theme of Italy. Richard Mercer picks her up in, what I assume is, an Italian car. (Look, you could slap a Mazzarati symbol on a Barina and I’d believe it was from Italy. You wanna Mazzarati? You better werk, bitch…sorry).

They sit at a table with a red and white checked tablecloth and eat spaghetti. Because Italy. Vader even toasts to Italy. It’s really shit.

(It is at this point that my own manfriend went out into the night and bought me a bottle of wine. For realz, we should have our own reality show where we date except no one would watch it because we are really boring and do nothing.)

Where was I?

Newbie Lauren gets rose, which is a win. The rest I forget, I was getting drunk.




Date 3

Eeeeeeee!! Laurina/Bane has put on her Sunday best and is just dying to get her fancy on. Babe, dunno how I feel about satin mini dresses in the daytime, but each to their own.

Laurina’s eyebrows are just swooning all over the place about the potential fancy stuff they might do and everyone is dying because we know exactly where this is going.

Mufasa leads her to the local Strike Bowling Bar. HashtagFun.

They lace up their two-toned shoes and Laurina’s eyebrows try and act normal by putting hashtags at the beginning of all her sentences. However, it becomes pretty clear that she sucks; at both bowling and acting. HashtagCraft. Actually, they both really suck. Until Vader asks her to put a wager on the game. Suddenly, Laurina’s eyebrows are reanimated and she claims that, should she win, he must take her on a super romantic, fancy, luxurious date. Vader agrees and then tells her that if he is the victor he gets anal.

Back at the quadrangle, the A group sit around playing Uno, because Uno is rad. HashtagSerious.

Lucky for us, Laurina’s eyebrows win the game and she cannot even stem her flow because she is throwing “luxurious” and “fine dining” ALL over the place.

In the car, Richard Mercer tells her he is super excited to take her to this place for dinner because lots of totes famous people go there. Obvi this is a high priority for any restaurant Laurina/Bane goes to so she tells us this is acceptable. 

They rock up to a pie van. HashtagCleanEating.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never heard of this place, but I could guarantee that if I was walking home shit-faced with my bra hanging out I would be happy to bloody move in. But as far as I can see, Vader and Bane are relatively sober.

And Laurina/Bane IS. HATING. IT.

It’s kind of like watching someone getting set up on You’re on Candid Camera. It’s awkward, but you cannot look away. At this point, I’m betting Vader wishes he took Jess/Elsa here instead, because we know she just loves ALL the things.

Laurina/Bane asks if they have soy milk and the chick on night pie duty looks like she might choke.

A devastated Laurina manages to settle for regular milk in her cappuccino and makes it all the way to the benches before she loses her shit.  

Apparently she is much more clue-y than first thought, because she seems to have picked up on the fact that she is being deliberately baited by the producers. Well, maybe not THAT clue-y since she thinks it’s Vader who is actually to blame. Babe, how many times do I gotta tell you? HE DOESN’T KNOW ANYTHING! The dude barely knows how to tie his shoelaces. Obviously he is v v shocked that she doesn’t fancy dirty street pie and quickly tries to remedy this by dragging her to a park bench surrounded by many many candles. HashtagFireHazard.

Luckily someone on the executive board has pulled out the big guns and had Laurina’s own pet dog, Bambi, flown in to set. The arrival of said dog basically erases all memories of the dirty street pie and Vader looks bloody relieved.

Bambi, meanwhile, is bloody terrified when Laurina happily brings him back to the mansion to meet all the other bitches. HashtagSaveBambi.

Cocktail Party!

It’s Hachael/Holly 2.0’s birthday tonight. Is she 50? Is she 20? It’s SO hard to say. Whatever, as usual she looks suitably indifferent.

On the other hand, Canadian Horse Whisperer’s Resting Bitch Face is reaching critical level as Richard Mercer proceeds to ask pretty much every other girl to accompany him outside in the moonlight. In protest, CHW stalks off into another room WITH her handbag, guys, which we all know is International Hag code for “You Are The Worst Gay Husband Ever.”

Like the good lapdog he is, Vader finds her and her handbag in no time and FINALLY takes her for a romantic chat out in the garden IKEA built.

But what what what what what what is going on I THINK HE’S LETTING HER GO AND I DID NOT EVEN SEE THAT COMING I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOING TO COOK HIM WAFFLES AND I AM NOT OK WITH THIS!!?? Something something about not having a spark and before anyone can say Maple Syrup, she’s gone.

Amber was pretty much Heather Locklear from Melrose Place; without her, everything sucks. Thank God I got that bottle of wine to cope with my pain.

To get his paycheck this week, Osher comes back for two minutes to tell the bitches that, “something has happened that will affect ALL of you! Blake’s lover, Antonio, is here and he is PISSED! Amber and Blake have had a serious conversation about their relationship, and decided that he doesn’t like her that much so he sent her packing. There will be no rose ceremony this week.”

The remaining bitches are so very very bad at pretending to be upset that it’s almost offensive. Canadian Horse Whisperer deserved more than that, guys.

“I think it’s best for her,” says Zoe as she tries and fails to fight off a bitchy smirk.


Ding dong the Canadian is dead and all the crazy munchkins are rejoicing in Bachelorland and I no longer have a reason to live.


Pass the pie.



I miss you already, Heather






The Bachelor Season 2 Recap: A Bitch’s Place is in the Kitchen

29 Aug

Wow. Like Susan Sarandon’s boobs, feminism and gender equality were just flying all over the place tonight, amiright?

Also…WHERE IS BLAKE VADER AND HIS BOARDSHORTS? This is the second episode in a row that has not begun with a customary pec shot. Guys, I’m concerned for someone’s safety. Maybe he stabbed himself with his fancy cufflinks and the scarring is too horrific for national television.

But no matter, because he’s obviously in a fit enough state to take one of the crazy ladies on a date. And that date goes to Curly Haired Girl #2 – Zoe. As in the curly-haired one who DIDN’T get sent home in the Curly-Haired Death Match. Zoe is so super dooper excited that she gets airborne off the couch. The other bitches aren’t as enthusiastic, but they give it a red hot go. Honestly, just watching Canadian Horse Whisperer’s face every time she doesn’t get a single date is making my life.

Zoe steps out in her fav party dress and teeters down the jetty toward a waiting boat.

“Hellooouuuuu!” she coos at the poor old guy driving the thing. Let’s call him Higgins. Higgins chucks it into fourth gear (or whatever gear is needed to drive a boat) and speeds Curly Haired Girl Zoe across to some private island in Sydney Harbour where, as a welcoming gesture, Blake is doing The. Worst. Dancing. Ever. That. I. Just. Can’t. Even.

Run, Curly Haired Girl. Run for your life.

However, not put off by Richard Mercer’s inability to dance to anything that isn’t accompanied by a stripper pole, Zoe happily bounces down the walkway, ready to get lei-d.

With flowers, guys. Obviously Vader has gone to all the trouble of inviting these native Vanuatu dancers and flying them over first class in his sea plane himself. Not, but seriously, I’m pretty sure I saw one of the dudes from Home & Away in there. He was loving life.

Best line of the episode goes to Curly Haired Girl when she tells us that, “…my university boyfriend broke my heart, which was, you know, really heartbreaking.” No shit.

To comfort her, Blake takes Curly Haired Girl down to a kitsch tiki hut for a cocktail while the litter from Sydney Harbor gently washes up on the shore. Because Vanuatu. After explaining that he wanted to give CHG the chance to ask him “anything” she immediately responds with, “Are you a homo?” “Why did you keep me?”

I don’t remember his reasoning, but it was something to do with walls and feelings. Snore.


Because Vader is not content with just measuring the bitches child-rearing abilities, he needs to make sure that their 60’s housewife skills are also up to scratch with a bake-off. This complete slap in the face to feminism is lost on the bitches though, because they all react with a disgusting level of excitement and general merriment.


Susan is judging you

This apparent joy spills over into their arrival at the Kitchen of Female Slavery as they all excitedly walk arm in arm with each other. “Omigod we love each other! Cooking is good. We are all BEST friends who love to cook together!”

Bitch, please.

Richard Mercer is waiting for them there and tells them that he loves to have a good time in the kitchen, so it is v v important to him that he gets the chance to sit here and watch them all bake him something. Meanwhile, Osher looks terrified; he hasn’t been around refined carbohydrates in months. He’s not okay.

Mary is worried because she has never baked a cake. Like ever. Being a Drama student obviously means she leads a v demanding lifestyle which leaves her no time to cook. Like ever. Vader is shocked.

Louise, on the other hand, is all about the baking skills and pretty much bakes everybody else’s cakes which proves she is the best Stepford Wife. Meanwhile, poor Cara is attempting a choc orange Jaffa number which sounds promising, but she is promptly interrupted by a hungry Richard Mercer who has decided now is a good time for a chat. Unfortunately, Cara is a little pre-occupied with trying to create her culinary masterpiece, and their conversation is somewhat stunted. Cara tries to get Blake to help her out but he is actually super shit and judgemental and is too busy investigating their connection to be of any use. Obviously this is Cara’s fault, how VERY dare she.

Cara cops it again when Canadian Horse Whisperer tells her she’s going to turn off someone’s oven and Cara discovers that oven is her oven. But when she asks CHW if she turned off her oven, CHW is insulted that she would think she would turn off someone’s oven because she doesn’t like drama and turning off ovens. They are fighting.

They all sit down with their baked goods and Vader expertly proclaims that Lisa’s love heart cake was made with love.

Well, dude, if her cake was made with love, Mary’s cake was made with crazy.

It is actually the best/worst cake fail ever.

cake fail


Louise’s, on the other hand, looks bloody delicious, and lesbihonest, I would eat the shit out of that. As a prize, Louise will probably get to touch foreheads with Blake for a whole five minutes. She doesn’t care that she won, though, just that Vader liked her cooking. Because values.

At the Rose Ceremony, Curly Haired Girl gets really emoshi all of a sudden because Vader is such a considerate lover to her and his eleven other beards. I mean, gosh, she’s just so happy to have found him. Camera cross fade down to her dress and it becomes clear that her emotional outburst was probably more to do with the fact that her own breasts were strangling her because they are OUT.

She graciously exits to clean herself up, when she is intercepted by the man himself. He seems happy to see her and her chest. “We haven’t really touched boobs.. I MEAN BASE since our date the other day,” he croons. Curly Haired Girl nods and holds it together and manages not to suffocate.

During the rose ceremony, the producers are doing A LOT of focusing on Laurina and Canadian Horse Whisperer, which usually means one of them is about to be condemned to die alone with 50 cats. OH MY GAWWWWD YOU CANNOT VOTE THEM OFF BECAUSE I NEED THEM!

Phew! The assistant director passes Vader the name of the girl going home tonight, and it’s Cara.

Oh Cara. Cara you poor pet. You are getting the boot because you couldn’t bake a cake and establish a deep connection and riveting conversation with a gay man at the same time. The producer tell Blake to escort her outside and explain why she’s being fired. But it’s too late. She knows it’s because she failed at being a woman because she couldn’t bake and talk at the same time.

Although her parting speech in the limo is oddly rational, so it’s probably for the best.

Join me next week when Laurina is forced to eat street pie out of a garbage bin.*


*that last bit might have been made up. But pie IS involved.





The Bachelor Season 2 Recap: BitchCrashers

22 Aug


Retrieve your weapons, kids. Intruder bitches have infiltrated the Bat Cave and are on the prowl for sexy time with Blake Vader.

But before we investigate this breach of security, we must backtrack a little to a simpler time when Richard Mercer managed to get himself a yacht…

We open with another “casual” group hang out on the patio, where the bitches are talking about going on dates with Blake…SURPRISE!

Osher has called in sick again and so his 2IC, Chantal, begins her weekly spiel of explaining all of the complex and intricate goings on at the Mansion. But, WHAT?! Osher shows up! Albeit for a moment to give the ladies a glimpse of his impressive new weave and drop off a date card. Chantal looks disappointed.

Jess/Elsa reads the card with enough wonderment on her face to stun an elephant. Looks like Lousie (the one with the permanent lipstick) is going on the individual date this time. From the clever wording of the date card, the bitches decipher this date will involve Vader’s favourite things: water and/or a boat. They jump up and down in excitement for him.

Cut to Vader himself, casually gazing at the horizon from atop said boat. He explains to the camera that Louise is the most glamorous of the bitches so he wants to see if she can let loose and have fun. With champagne and seafood on a luxury yacht on Sydney Harbor. Because money.

For realz, Vader’s idea of challenging Glamazon to let loose is taking her on an effing yacht cruise. There are people lining up at St Vinnie’s with Coles vouchers and this bitch is slumming it with a bottle of Bollinger. I hate them both.

Whatever, they are both looking v v nautical with monochrome and stripes. Vader once again manages to notice that she is “rocking” her off-the-shoulder dress. Honestly, next thing you know, he’ll be taking them all to Broadway Jazz lessons and teaching them how to sew sequins onto skinny jeans.

As she steps onto the floating mansion, Mufasa explains to Simba that, “everything the light touches is our kingdom.” Simba/Lousie looks happy. She’s imagining all the vintage earrings she’ll be able to wear when they entertain royal subjects.


simba mufasa 2

We own this joint

Hooray! We’re eight minutes in and Mufasa is shirtless. I knew he could only stay clothed for so long. Simba/Louise strips down to a designer one piece. Also white. I’m sensing a white theme here – white boat, white wine, white bathers, lame white girl. The Manly Ferry chugs past the White Floating Palace and all the passengers gawk at the nakedness. Regardless of the possible gay thing, he is just so burly. So very burly.

All this staring at his pecs makes Vader feels a little self conscious, so the Love Boat weighs anchor and he takes Simba/Louise down to the poopdeck.

Meanwhile, Chantal and Sam have a scripted bitch session about Canadian Horse Whisperer and Simba/Louise. Which has obviously been written by a man. FYI Channel 10, women are mean. Hire a female script writer for the love of God.

Anyhoo, Simba/Louise gets back from her pretentious day on a boat and the group date card arrives. But DER-RAMA! It simply says, “Cocktails & Dreams.” One of the bitches makes the observation that this date card is very vague on the details. No shit, babe. Here we were automatically assuming Tom Cruise would be visiting to make you all Midori Splices.

The bitches look nervous. Osher’s back from Pilates for the evening and this time it’s him who needs to steal Blake away. This makes the bitches even more nervous and they pout at each other awkwardly.

Outside, Vader assumes Osh is there to talk to him about Bachelor-y things. After all, this guy is a CLEO Bachelor of the Year profesh! But Osher drops the WORLD FIRST BOMBSHELL that nine bitches are just not enough for one man, and so some fresh slappers will be entering the Bat Cave tonight.

Richard Mercer does his very best stripper acting, pretending to look shocked. But like the pro he is, he dutifully strikes a pose at the bottom of the runway and awaits the next batch of crazies.

Mary arrives and she is actually terrifying. Like, she has snake eyes that could bore through a skull. Apparently Mary is an “acting student” and her dream man is a tall, gay stripper man on a reality show. Convenient. Being an actor and all, she should be used to being around gay guys, so obviously they click. Rachael is next and she is Holly 2.0. I’mma call her Hachael. Unfortunately for her, she is even less interesting than Holly 1 and seems to have forgotten how to make facial expressions.

We don’t get any montage of Anastasia or Tarni. All you need to know is that Anastasia has supremely large teeth and Tarni doesn’t appear to have any lips. (On her MOUTH…come on guys!) But is Tarni even a name? Thank Oprah Tiarni and Sharni have left because can you IMAGINE the confusion?!

The other girls are Lauren and Aley. An actor/dancer and fashion blogger respectively. I.e. a waitress and an online shopper. I’m seriously putting that Logie vote in for these job descriptions. All up, there are six Bitch Crashers. Now, I don’t wanna say who just yet, but I am pretty sure at least one of them has a penis.

To say the original bitches are pissed is an understatement like no other. They are SAAAAAAAAHH pissed you can almost see them turn red under the layers of fake tan.

Bane/Laurina has a HR meeting with Blake and informs him he has breached her trust and she’s going to report him to the Supervisor for emotional trauma. Her eyebrows try to cry but it’s a lost cause. But credit where credit’s due; Blake Vader might be Channel 10’s tall, chocolate puppet, but despite this, he pulls out some of the most impressive sweet talking since Boyz II Men’s last record. Laurina melts like Tori Spelling’s boobs on a hot day.

On the other hand Sam, who usually loves to announce to anybody with ears that she is funny and dorky, does a complete Linda Blair and 180-ies on poor Vader. He tries to talk to her privately too but she is not having a bar of it and all the other bitches are stunned because no one EVER says no to The Bachelor.

Eventually she agrees to go and chat outside and his voice over tells us that Sam was feeling a lot of feelings and feelings are important because he feels things for her in his feelings. Feelings. His voice drops so many octaves that he becomes inaudible again. Props to Sam for being able to decipher a bloody word of that. Whatever Trevor, must have worked, because she looks happy again and is escorted back to the Red Room of Pain. (While we’re on this, we were able to see Sam from the back as she walked into the Mansion, and jussayin, girlfriend needs to run a comb through that hair.)

Craydar readings are spiraling out of control inside, as Canadian Horse Whisperer loses her shit. Um…just quietly, bitch needs to Stem. Her. Flow. Not only is she crying and wailing and just being a complete nutcase, but she’s saying lots of big words like, “devalued” and “depreciating” and comparing this show to being on the stock market. Because dating nine girls is OK but dating fifteen girls is like, not OK and how very dare he depreciate her stock.

Call of the night, though, goes to Cara who proclaims that this incident is a, “travesty of justice.” Now, I’m not 100% sure this even makes logical sense, but if it does, I’d bet my weave that that is completely not what this is. Cara, your face is a travesty of justice.


The original bitches are giving serious stank eye because Hachael/Holly 2.0 gets a rose BEFORE some of them! Her facial expression still doesn’t change though, in case you were wondering.

Then Mufasa goes to offer Canadian Horse Whisperer a rose, but something dramatic is happening and Omigosh she is mouthing “sorry” to the other bitches and hesitating and I can’t deal because is she quitting? My emotions are reaching breaking point because I hate her but I love her and I’m so torn I just can’t even! But then she storms out onto the balcony like a cry baby and every viewer in Australia is just thinking SHUT. IT. DOWN. But also don’t because this bitch is making my life.

Luckily for us, Vader offers her a lifetime supply of maple syrup and bacon and she pulls herself together and joins the other bitches in the Bat Cave. Crisis averted.

In case anybody cared, two of the intruder bitches don’t get a rose. The one without lips and another girl who needs a good steak sandwich and chips.

So now the numbers are back into the healthy two digits. Will Vader discover which intruder has man parts? Will we see Louise without red lipstick on? Will Sam borrow Cara’s brush and do her hair properly? Sah many questions.

Join me next week when Richard Mercer demonstrates the completely non-sexist values of this show by pitting the bitches against each other in a Bake-Off.




So much manliness